Weaver Trophy for Best Plicata Iris

Weaver Trophy for Best Plicata Iris awarded to Janis Shackelford for 'High Desert'

1968       Rococo                 L. Weaver

1969       Artist’s Dream    L. Weaver

1970       Rococo                 L. Weaver

1972       Spaceship            W. Leslie

1973       Port Royal           M. Otto

1974       Going My Way    L. Weaver

1976       Stepping Out       R. Conrad

1977       Smoke Rings        J. Lamaster

1978       Kilt Lilt                  B. Hamner

1979       Smoke Rings        Thelma Carrington

1981       Smoke Rings       M. Otto

1982       Splash of Wine    David Runde

1983       Going My Way

1984 Plicata Royale            Cal-Dixie Gardens

1985       Rococo                  Dorothy Driscoll

1986       Port Royal             L. Moore

1987       Blue Stacatto       P. McCroskey

1988       Mirror Image       W. Barr

1989       Blue Stacatto       L. Moore

1990       Close Circuit         L. Moore

1991       Port Royal             David  Vier

1992       Stop The Music    Fred Higginbotham

1993       Maria M.               R. Higginbotham

1994       Desert Lark           George Bange

1995       Fancy Stitches      Hazel Carson

1996       Jesse’s Song          L. Moore

1997       Cheating Heart     Steve Rocha

1998       Raspberry Fudge  V. Trabant

1999       Needlepoint           Ken and Christie Pierson

2000       Jesse’s Song            Steve Rocha

2002       Blue Stacatto          Pat Brendel

2003       Fine Prize                 Ted and Rose Howse

2004       Art ...                       K. and C. Pierson

2005       Enchanted ...           

2006       ...                            Ted and Rose Howse

2007       Conjuration             Ted and Rose Howse

2008       Take Five                  Kim Ung

2009       Change of Pace       Jerry Kuck

2010       Rare Treat                Kim Ung

2011       Rare Treat                Kim Ung

2014       Freedom Song         Monica Rodman

2015       Burgundy Brown     Claire Schneider

2016       Gnu Rayz                 Jim and Edith Schade

2017       High Desert            Janis Shackelford