Tom Craig Trophy for Best Red Iris

Year        Iris                            Awarded to

1969       Bang                          William Gorrell

1972       I. Nelsonii                 W. Gunther

1973       Rage                          W. Leslie

1974       Homachita                J. Chenoweth

1976       Cold  Red                  M. Otto

1977       Acadian                     A. Owen

1978       Creole Flame            A. Owen

1979       FAC McCulla (LA)     V. Chenoweth

1981       Polly Dodge               V. Chenoweth

1982       Samaritan Woman   M. Otto

1983       ...                                  V. Chenoweth

1984       Gallant Moment        Fred Higginbotham

1985       Polly Dodge                P.  McCroskey

1986       FAC McCulla (LA)       B. Teague

1987       Bang                             U. Stronski

1988       Danger                         Fred Higginbotham

1989       Time Lord                    L. Phillips

1990       Professor Jim (LA)  P. McCroskey

1991       Melon Time                 V. Chenoweth

1992       Jam Session                 Fred Higginbotham

1993       Cherry Cup (LA)          R. Brooks

1994       Ada Perry (Spuria)      Hazel Carson

1996        Princess                       Dorothy  Driscoll

1997        Chief...                         Steve Rocha

1998       War Chief                     C. Morgan

1999       Lady Friend                  Steve Rocha

2000       Cherry Blend                Steve Rocha

2003       Almaden                       Ted and Rose Howse

2004       ...                                    Ted and Rose Howse

2005       Ruth Porter Waring     J. Rahman

2006       Lady Friend                    Leon and Norma Vogel

2007       ...                                      Ted and Rose Howse

2008       Almaden                         Ted and Rose Howse

2009       Red At Night                   Ted and Rose Howse

2010       Almaden                          Ted and Rose Howse

2011       Dynamite                         Jennifer and Leif Fisher

2014       Lady Friend                     Janis Shackelford

2015       Professor Neil (LA)         Patrick and Monica Powell
2016       Renegade Lady               Patrick Powell