Runde Trophy for Best Pink Iris

Runde Trophy for Best Pink Iris awarded to Ted and Rose Howse for 'Celebration Song'

Year        Iris                                     Awarded to

1989   Screen Gem                       Bob Brooks

1990   For Tirah                             William Gorrell

1991   Designer Gown                  Hazel Carson

1992   God Send                            N. Allin

1993   Vision in Pink                     Ruth Bryce

1994   Pink Feathers                     David Runde

1995   Bubblegum Ballerina        Bob Brooks

1996   Aunt Shirley (LA)                Dorothy Driscoll

1997   Smooth Talk                        Steve Rocha

1998   Her Kingdom                       Steve Rocha

2000   Descanso                             Steve Rocha

2002   Lady Mary Elizabeth          Pat Brendel

2003   Pink Froth                            Ted and Rose Howse

2005   Dress Code                          Ted and Rose Howse

2006   Bursting Bubbles                Leon and Norma Vogel

2007   Recurring Rose                    Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

2008   Drifting Bubbles                  Kim Ung

2009   Dress Code                           Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

2010   Romantic Lyric                     Alexander and Kate Stanton

2011   Peggy Sue                            Janis Shackelford

2014   Beverly Sills                         William Molnar
2016   Designer's Label                 Katharina Notarianni
2017   Celebration Song                Ted and Rose Howse