Owen Trophy for Best Spuria Iris

Owen Trophy for Best Spuria Iris and Best Specimen of Show awarded to Claire Schneider for 'Brass Knocker'

Year            Iris                            Awarded to

4-1967   Imperial Ruffles           E. McCowan

5-1968   Elixer                             A. Owen

4-1969   Elixir                               R. Brooks

5-1070   Elixir                              William Gorrell

4-1972   Baritone                       William Gunther

11-1972 Chumasch Chief          H. Collins

4-1973   Red Clover                    J. Lamaster

4-1974   Dawn Candle                W. Gunther

5-1976   Purple Knight                A. Owen

4-1977   Baritone                         J. McAnlis

5-1978   Golden Lady                  Janice Chesnix

4-1979   Imperial Ruby                L. Brooks

5-1981   Golden Lady                   William Gorrell

4-1982   Adobe Sunset                 R. Brooks

4-1983   Elixir                                  P. McCroskey

4-1984   Betty Cooper                   Cordon Bleu Farm

4-1985   Betty Cooper                   The Rundes

4-1986   Premier                             The Rundes

4-1987   Imperial Sun                     E. McCown

4-1988   Countess Zeppelin           Bob Brooks

4-1989   Adobe Sunset                   Bob Brooks

4-1990   Dena's Delight                  P. McCroskey

4-1991   Dena's Delight                  P. McCroskey

5-1992   Premier                              David Runde

4-1993   Dawn Candle                     N. Allin

4-1994   Lively One                          Dorothy Driscoll

5-1995   Countess Zepplin              N. Allin

4-1996   Dena's Delight                   Hazel Carson

4-1997   Missouri Rivers                  Dorothy Driscoll

5-1998   Ruffled Canary                   Pat Brendel

5-1999   White Heron                      Bob Brooks

4-2000   Janice Chesnik                   Pat Brendel

5-2002   Megatrend                         W. Brendel

5-2003   Stop & Look                        Pat Brendel

5-2004   Son of  Sun                         Joella Olson

5-2005   Falcon's Crest                    Ted and Rose Howse

5-2007   Short Circuit                       Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

5-2008   Imperial Bronze                Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

5-2009   Elixer                                    Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

5-2010   Stop and Look                     Ted and Rose Howse, Iris Howse and Gardens

5-2011   Adriatic Blue                        Kim Ung

5-2014   Costa del Oro                     Janis Shackelford
5-2016   Lucky Devil                         Don Maurizio
5-2017   Brass Knocker                    Claire Schneider