Lawson Trophy for Best White Tall Bearded Iris

Lawson Trophy for Best White Tall Bearded Iris awarded to Janis Shackelford for 'Fresh Powder'

Year        Iris                        Awarded to

1967       Fluted Haven         B. Hamner

1968       Silver Wedding      A. Day

1969       Above All                L. Weaver

1972       Henry Shaw            S. Alexander

1973       Winter Olympics    Thelma Carrington

1974       Winter Dreams       B. Hamner

1976       Up and Away          The Rundes

1977       Happy Bride           B. Hamner

1978       Patricia Craig          The Rundes

1979       Patricia Craig          M. Otto

1981       Cascade Pass          H. Yuhl

1982       Ice Sculpture          M. Otto

1983       White Foam           M. Otto

1985       Mt Olympus            J. Jones

1988       Prince of Peace      W. Barr

1989       Henry Shaw             David Vier

1990       Happy Bride            Thelma Carrington

1991       Winter Olympics    Thelma Carrington

1992       Happy Bride            L. Moore

1994       Bridal Fashion         Thelma Carrington

1995       White Lightning      Ruth Bryce

1996       Clouds Adrift           Steve Rocha

1997       Skating Party           Steve Rocha

1998       Starship                    Steve Rocha

1999       Skating Party           Steve Rocha

2000       Skating Party           Steve Rocha

2002       Bonus Lite                Steve Rocha

2004       Goldkist                    Ken and Christie Pierson 

2005       Skating Party            Leon and Norma Vogel

2006       Skating Party            Ted and Rose Howse

2007       Mesmerizer              Margaret Yorio

2009       Mesmerizer               Ted and Rose Howse

2011       Mesmerizer               Ted and Rose Howse

2014       Skating Party             Claire Schneider

2015       Dural White Butterfly (LA)    Janis Shackelford

2017       Fresh Powder            Janis Shackelford