Gorrell Trophy for Best Blue Tall Bearded Iris

Gorrell Trophy for Best Blue Tall Bearded Iris awarded to Bill Molnar for 'Arms Wide Open'

Year    Iris                                Awarded to

1982   Regent's Row              P. McCroskey

1983   River Rhythm              L. Brooks

1984   Pacific Panorama        B. Daugherty

1985   Pacific Grove                R. Brooks

1986   Pacific Panorama         J. Fitzgerald

1987   Ice Sculpture                 P. McCroskey

1988   Ruffled Ballet                V. Harney

1989   Tide Crest                      N. Allin

1990   Rio Vista                         The Rundes

1991   Good Morning America Ruth Bryce

1994   Electric Horseman         Hazel Carson

1996   Swan Dance                    P. Neal

1997   Blue Luster                      Ruth Bryce

1998   Honky Tonk Blues          V. Trabant

1999   Millrace                            Ruth Bryce

2002   Bonus Lite                        Steve Rocha

2003   Siletz Bay                          Joella Olson

2005   Sudden Impact                L.eon and Norma Vogel

2006   Breakers                            Ted and Rose Howse

2007   Kiss of Peace                     Ted and Rose Howse

2008   Bubbling Waves               Alexander and Kate Stanton

2009   Bubbling Waves               Ted and Rose Howse

2010   Blenheim Royal                Ted and Rose Howse

2011   Rippling River                    Kim Ung

2014   Raging Tide                        Claire Schneider
2016   Commanding Presence      Janis Shackelford
2017   Arms Wide Open                Bill Molnar