Bunker Trophy for Princess of Show - Junior Division

Year        Iris                                    Awarded to

1967       Chivalry                             V. Otto

1968       Crinkled Sunset                V. Otto

1969       Rehobeth                           V. Otto

1970       Mystic Melody                  K. Small

1972       Stepchild                            K. Small

1973       Moon River                        S. Roberts

1974       Hold that Tiger                  B. Otto

1976       Circle D                               B. Otto

1977       Hold that Tiger                  B. Otto

1997       Hill Top View                      K. Rocha

1998       Spring Parasol                    B. Rocha

1999       Broadway                           B. Rocha

2000       Bella Vee                             B. Rocha

2002       World Premier                   K. Rocha